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7 Reasons Every Real Estate Listing Should Have a Virtual Tour
Technology has made a permanent impression on the real estate industry. Not only have advances in technology transformed the agent workflow
WorldCam administrator Dec 31, 2019

Technology has made a permanent impression on the real estate industry. Not only have advances in technology transformed the agent workflow, but they have made what once seemed impossible, possible.

One such example is the virtual tour.

Photography and videography are now hanging on the coattails of virtual tours as they quickly become the best way to market a property to prospective clients. Virtual tours have been proven to increase a listing’s value by helping agents land a sale in less time and for bigger profits - and most importantly, with less stress involved in the process.

While virtual tours were once thought to be exclusively for ultra-luxe million-dollar listings, this stigma is being challenged by easy-to-use and affordable software providers like Asteroom. Today, the real estate industry is adopting virtual tours as a norm - regardless of the listing’s price point.

Here are 7 of the Asteroom team’s top reasons why every real estate listing should have a virtual tour.

Leave a Lasting Impression on Buyers

Besides being effective, virtual tours are undoubtedly intriguing. Although this service has been employed in real estate marketing for a few years, it’s been highly separated from the average buyers’ eyes.

In the past, virtual tours have been used exclusively to represent big-budget listings. The everyday real estate browser has likely not been exposed to virtual tours - especially not on a listing that they’re seriously considering.

By adding a virtual tour to all of your listings, you’re sure to impress both your selling clients and prospective buyers. Leaving a strong impression on buyers can motivate them to take action - funneling tons of interested leads your way.

Helps Agents Market to Remote Shoppers

We live in an incredibly globalized world where marketing to remote buyers is a key to success. Adding a virtual tour to your online listing will help out of town buyers see the property without having to be there in person. This immediacy and convenience will act as a huge boost in funneling global buyers to your listing.

When there was a recorded $77.9 billion volume of foreign buyer residential purchases between 2018 and 2019, this is not a group of buyers to ignore.

Sellers Expect this Service

Virtual tours are no longer just for luxury home sales - they’re a must-have element for any listing because your sellers are expecting it. As virtual tours are gaining in popularity tech-savvy sellers are demanding this service from their agents.

Offering virtual tours for your sellers’ property listings will help you stay current with contemporary demands and expectations.

Your Clients Want (and Need) Help Marketing Their Home

According to the National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Profile of Buyers and Sellers, what sellers want most from their agents is to help market their listings.

The agent expertise is highly coveted by sellers who need assistance with the marketing process. A great way to expand your service’s marketing capacity and attract selling clients is by offering virtual tours on all of your listings.

When you’re able to provide a virtual tour to represent your clients’ property listings, you’ll be offering a highly effective marketing strategy - helping your services stand out above competing agents.

When only 10% of today’s agents are using virtual tours and videos to market their listings, you’ll be elevating your service platform to an entirely new level.

Eliminate the Need for Open Houses

Life as a real estate agent is incredibly busy. The job description demands networking, attending meetings with clients, visiting properties, filling out paperwork - the list doesn’t ever seem to end.

By the time open houses roll around, many agents feel like they’re being spread too thin. This is where virtual tours come in and save the day. Thanks to the clarity and accuracy of virtual tours, agents don’t need to spend as much time giving physical walkthroughs.

This opens up time for agents to get on with more important tasks, helping to boost productivity and streamline workflows.

Create Amazing Content for Social Media

Social media is a big part of the modern real estate business. Virtual tours can create amazing and beautiful content for social profiles, helping you to expand your online presence and attract prospective clients.

Virtual Tours Can Help Zoom In on Serious Buyers

Another key benefit of working with virtual tours is that they can help you pick out the serious buyers.

Including a virtual tour in your online listing can function as a lead qualification tool. It’s likely that prospective buyers who contact you have already seen the digital tour and thus fall farther along the sales cycle, meaning they could be ready and willing to make an offer. Dealing with these buyers means that you’ll avoid wasting time and can focus on cultivating serious offers.

Don’t ignore the importance of virtual tours in contemporary real estate.

Visit our website to learn more about how Asteroom can boost your real estate services.

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