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Virtual Tours: 5 Ways They Help Agents Win More Listings
Virtual tours have been helping real estate agents up their game. By using this tech-fueled tool
WorldCam administrator Dec 31, 2019

Virtual tours have been helping real estate agents up their game. By using this tech-fueled tool, agents and brokers are winning more listings, landing more deals, and attracting more clients.

Don’t believe us? We’ve got 5 reasons that’ll convince you. Here’s how virtual tours are helping agents stay productive and increase their value in 2020 and beyond.

Sellers Want Help Marketing Their Homes

According to NAR’s 2019 Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers, the thing that sellers want most from their agents is help with marketing their homes. The average seller is looking for an agent that has winning strategies to advertise their homes to interested buyers.

Virtual tours work wonders in demonstrating an agent’s winning marketing skills to sellers. Digital tours add an entirely new dimension to online listings since buyers can explore a property without ever needing to leave the house.

Virtual Tours Make Your Listings Shine

Real estate agents who use virtual tours to elevate their listing presentations hold a major advantage over the competition. Online listings that include virtual tours will stand out on popular market websites such as Zillow and

NAR’s 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report noted that homebuyers from all generations began their home search process online. When interested buyers are hitting the web, agents need to boost their online appeal - and virtual tours do just that.

Virtual Tours Boost Social Media Engagements

Top real estate coaches like Tom Ferry continually emphasize the importance of using social media. It’s a needed element in the business, and virtual tours make great content for social profiles.

Agents can post one of the many panoramic shots and short clips of walkthrough tours and see the engagements fly through the roof.

It also can drive clients your way. When homeowners are ready to sell their homes, the virtual tour that they saw on social media will come to mind and they might choose you as their selling representative.

Agents Can Market Property-Specific Amenities

Traditional methods of imagery like photography and videography don’t always do a home justice - but virtual tours can help fill in the gaps.

Virtual tours allow agents to market-specific property amenities and specialty features that wouldn’t otherwise be visible on the web. For example, if the home has a small wine cellar or a built-in coffee machine, Asteroom’s information tag can transfer it into an easy-to-see online model.

In the same way that these features would stand out in a physical walk-through, buyers will take notice of these swoon-worthy attributes.

Stay Current with the Latest Real Estate Tech

Contemporary clients want to work with agents that use the latest technologies to elevate their services. Tech-savvy agents can appeal to a broader clientele since they take a unique approach to the selling process.

In addition, agents who offer virtual tours typically do better during listing presentations since this digital service exemplifies a creative and effective marketing strategy.

These 5 reasons showcase how virtual tours help realtors win referrals and increase a listing’s perceived selling value.

Interested in learning more about Asteroom’s virtual tours? Explore our website.

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