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The 3D Tour Takeover: Asteroom Now on and Zillow
Asteroom marks a major milestone for 3D touring technology.
WorldCam administrator Feb 24, 2021

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Asteroom has recently partnered up with two of the largest real estate companies in the industry — and it’s marking a major milestone for 3D touring technology.

Now, both buyers and sellers alike have greater access to Asteroom’s premier, affordable, and easy-to-use 3D tour software. Who’s excited? Keep reading to learn more.

Asteroom Tours Are Now on Zillow and

You may have heard the buzz, but in case you missed it, here’s the latest Asteroom update:

Asteroom’s 3D tours are now available on both Zillow and This makes Asteroom the only other company besides Matterport to have 3D tours displayed on both portals. and Zillow are leaders in listing marketing, each generating hundreds of millions of monthly site visits. Now, Asteroom users can leverage this traffic. In 2020, 97% of buyers searched for a property online - many of which explored top listing portals like Zillow and

Agents who have listings on these portals are exposed to more leads… especially when the listing includes an eye-catching 3D tour. On, listings with 3D tours were viewed 159% more than listings without.

Exceptional Quality: Why Zillow and Chose Asteroom

As a pioneer of the affordable, easy-to-use, and high-quality 3D tour, Asteroom has earned its due place in the 3D digital tour arena.

Asteroom’s vision for making 3D tour technology more accessible to all agents has anchored this software within the real estate industry. Asteroom’s partnership with Zillow and is another way that Asteroom has been acknowledged in the real estate industry.

So, why did Zillow and RDC choose to partner with Asteroom? The answer is simple: Asteroom provides the highest quality 3D tour solution. Asteroom is the first and only 3D tour solution on the market that allows agents to create stunning 3D tours using their smartphones in just 15 minutes.

How It Works

Agents don’t need to worry about stressing through a long and complicated process just to upload their 3D tours onto Zillow and RDC. It’s incredibly easy to get your Asteroom tours onto both of the platforms. It only takes a few simple steps. Here’s a closer look:

Uploading to

Asteroom users can use the app to upload their 3D tour onto a listing. Simply click the “share” button for the RDC platform on Asteroom’s mobile app and match the tour address with the RDC listing address.

Uploading to Zillow

Asteroom tours are automatically shared to Zillow. Users only need to share the 3D tour link on any MLS and then Zillow will populate that tour and listing onto the platform.

What Does Asteroom’s Partnership with Zillow and Mean for Agents and the Real Estate Industry?

This announcement is amazing news for real estate agents creating tours with Asteroom, giving them a major advantage in today’s market.

Asteroom users now gain access to increased exposure through these two leading listing portals. As of 2021, has been receiving 150 million site visitors per month. Zillow reported 201 million unique visits. We already know that 63% of homebuyers in 2020 made an offer on a home they did not see in person (thanks to the 3D tour).

Now that Asteroom has partnered with and Zillow to provide 3D tours for agent listings, the exposure for the agent and their listing is unparalleled. Especially when considering that 3D tours keep people on a website listing 5 to 10 times longer than average, and listings with 3D tours get 87% more views.

As a result, more eyes than ever before will be on Asteroom tours. Through these partnerships, Asteroom tours will get more views than any other 3D tour creator in the United States, besides Matterport. More buyer leads will be funneled towards a listing, resulting in faster property sales and more happy client referrals.

Looking Ahead: 3D Tours Are Becoming the Standard for All Listings

3D tours were already gaining intense traction within real estate, but the events in 2020 enabled 3D touring to take a quantum leap.

In the past, 3D tours were not a ubiquitous element of the industry. 3D digital touring features were initially used to market high-priced luxury listings. Asteroom has been working towards disrupting the exclusivity of 3D touring by offering a high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use DIY solution.

Today, 3D tours are becoming a standard for two reasons. One, cost-effective solutions like Asteroom are making 3D tour production possible for all listings. Second, big companies like Zillow and are featuring 3D tours. Due to these reasons, 3D tours immense market exposure is expected to continue to grow.

The 3D tour has increased its presence within the real estate industry. They have become a baseline of this business, and today’s buyers and sellers expect this service.

The data on 3D tours speaks for itself. 83% of all buyers are looking for listing visuals, such as 3D tours and 2D floor plans. 61% of 2020 buyers named a 3D home tour the most helpful technology available. 55% of sellers in 2020 preferred 3D tours over open houses due to social distancing. 3D touring holds an essential place in today’s real estate market for agents.

It’s no longer a luxury add-on. 3D tours are a fundamental part of contemporary real estate. As Redfin’s chief economist, Daryl Fairweather, said in his predictions for 2021, “the 3D home tour is here to stay.”

The Asteroom 3D Tour Solution

Moving forward, 3D tours will continue to expand in real estate.

Asteroom has already left a strong mark on the real estate industry by making 3D touring technology available to the mid-tier market. In 2020, 12,000 tours were created using the Asteroom app, with business increasing by more than 1,200%.

Asteroom will remain a leader and will continue to strive for excellence. Our recent partnership with Zillow and RDC is just one of the accomplishments that will propel Asteroom tours to the frontlines of real estate.

If you’re interested in learning more about all that Asteroom 3D tours have to offer, including 3D dollhouse, 2D floor plans, and 3D staging, visit our website.

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