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Asteroom Capture Service vs Matterport Capture Service
You can provide your property with the best still 2D photos along with a 3D tour of a property
WorldCam administrator Oct 26, 2021

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What is a capture service?

A capture service is a professional real estate photography solution for selling properties. With a capture service, you can provide your property with the best still 2D photos along with a 3D tour of a property.

Asteroom’s Capture Service:

Asteroom’s Capture Service is a complete solution for all of your photography needs. The service is done in 3 easy steps: booking an appointment, on-site shoot of the property, and then photos are delivered to the agent in 24 to 48 hours.

The Asteroom Capture Service includes:

  • 30 high-resolution 2D photos
  • Asteroom-vetted photographers
  • A complete 3D tour of the property with 2D floor plan
  • Automatic publishing to listing portals and the ability to supercharge your listing

Matterport’s Capture Service:

Matterport offers a capture service where you can order a 3D “digital twin” of your property. It has some similarities to Asteroom’s capture service and this is how it works:

  1. A capture technician is assigned to your property after you order the capture service
  2. A 3D tour of the property is completed
  3. The 3D tour is sent to the customer via email after it’s done

Asteroom vs Matterport differences:

Although Asteroom and Matterport have some similarities, there are several key differences between the two services. First, Asteroom provides 2D photos, a floor plan, and image enhancements in the capture service along with a 3D tour. In contrast, Matterport only does 3D tours in their basic package.

This can be a pain point for agents because agents need both 2D photos and 3D tours to help sell properties.

Additionally, Asteroom costs a fraction of Matterport’s capture service. Asteroom’s rates start as low as $275, while Matterport can cost up to $300 for a similar-sized property without 2D still photos. Matterport is not only more expensive, it requires users to pay for the hosting of the tours. Asteroom provides free hosting with the purchase of a Capture Service.

Why should you use Asteroom’s Capture service?

Convenience of shoot:

An Asteroom photographer can do the shoot without you being on the site. The entire shoot takes less than 90 minutes and the photographer can shoot many properties without you being physically there.

Cost and time savings:

Asteroom guarantees that the cost of your Capture Service will be less than Matterport.If you can get a quote from Matterport that’s lower than Asteroom’s pricing, Asteroom will match your price. Additionally, the Capture Service has a fast turnaround time after the shoot and a 24-48 hour return on all images and 3D tours.

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